Orange County 2018 midterm election primary results

Find the results for your local primary elections here. Orange County voted for party representatives in the 2018 midterm elections for U.S. House of Representatives District 04; and Orange County Board of Commissioners, Clerk of Superior Court, Sheriff, and Board of Education.

Silent Sam, a Confederate monument on campus, was defaced with red paint on Monday afternoon.

We talked to Maya Little about protesting Silent Sam and her arrest Monday

"It affects me, and it affects a lot of people I know, and it affects my community. It affects Black students, Black faculty members and Black community members on this campus. It continues to affect them (in) the many ways in which Black people on this campus are abused, the way that Black athletes are exploited for the Tar Heel brand, the way in which our faces are plastered all over the Carolina for All Campaign when the University doesn’t want to remove a statue that is against our very existence as Black people on this campus."

Women gather to march in "Take Back the Night," a protest against male-patterned violence against women, in 2015.

Students march to raise awareness of sexual assault

To empower survivors of rape and sexual assault, the Student Safety and Wellness Committee of the Undergraduate Student Government Executive Branch hosted a Take Back the Night march on Wednesday evening. Around 20 students marched across campus and Franklin Street to bring awareness to the sexual violence against women, men and non-binary individuals by men.

Alexx Andersen participates in the Wake Forest Baptist Church's choir practice at Wait Chapel.

A year after the HB2 repeal, NC transgender students battle discrimination

It's been over a year since North Carolina passed HB 2, colloquially referred to as the bathroom bill. While the federal and state government have repealed and replaced the original bill, the dust still settles for transgender students in North Carolina, who should be spending more time enjoying college and less time worrying about being harassed on campus. 

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Column: Maybe we're all moving on

 And you know what? I am so happy that I am replaceable. I’m happy this place can go on without me. What a self-absorbed thing to say, as if this place needed me to make it so wonderful. Here’s to knowing what comes next will matter as much as these last four years of letting go have been.