'Orgasm? Yes Please!' meets 'sex'pectations


Noel Thompson, Stephanie Najjar and Jani Radhakrishnan, left to right, perform in the Great Hall of the Student Union on Friday.

Orgasms are not as simple as putting together an Ikea bookshelf.

Alice Pollard, a counselor for Carolina Health Education Counselors of Sexuality, stressed the complications of achieving orgasm at the event “Orgasm? Yes, Please!” Friday night in the Great Hall of the Student Union.

“There are no directions,” Pollard said to the more than 300 people in attendance.

The annual event used humorous and informative methods, including Interactive Theatre Carolina skits, anatomy diagrams and sex toy raffles to promote healthy and communicative sex.

Co-chairwoman of Project Dinah Brandi King, a junior, said she believes the balance between humor and information is key to reaching a larger audience.

Project Dinah, a co-sponsor of the event, is a student organization that provides support and education about sexual assault. The Panhellenic Council and Carolina Health Education Counselors of Sexuality were also sponsors.

“We’re hoping that this will give people a way to openly discuss sexual activity in a healthy way,” King said.

Organizers said the event was held in accordance with the belief that sexual health is central to succeeding at UNC.

“Sexuality affects every part of your life — it can affect your overall wellbeing,” Pollard said.

The hosts encouraged the audience to remain “textually active” by anonymously texting in responses to questions, the subjects of which spanned from comical to biological.

When asked about “mood-setting” songs, some responses included “Hakuna Matata,” and “anything by Usher.”

“To see relatable people talking about sex in a normal way, and how it’s a healthy part of your Carolina experience, makes it more positive,“ said sophomore Meredith McDonald.

Female empowerment and awareness were other major themes of the event.

“We hope people feel empowered and walk away with a better understanding of both their bodies and what questions to explore in order to validate every individual experience,” said co-host Laura Britton, a counselor for Carolina Health Education Counselors of Sexuality.

Event organizers focused on including all gender identities and expressions. The skits featured both heterosexual and LGBTQ characters.

The event also aimed to cater to all levels of sexual experience, including students who are not sexually active.

Junior Nicole Busby and her boyfriend attended the event together because they thought it would be a fun date night.

Busby said she and her boyfriend believe they communicate openly about sex but think that the event would be helpful for those who don’t.

“It doesn’t leave anything off limits. It’s a good start to talk about anything that you haven’t talked about before.”

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