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Every morning I read the DTH. This Wednesday I read yet another letter condemning Roy Williams for his handling of the P.J. situation. I have yet to see a single letter published in Roy’s defense. I’m here to change that, and I can confidently say that I stand with the vast majority of the student body in saying we stand behind Roy.

Throughout his coaching career, Roy has done what few have achieved, running both a successful and clean men’s basketball program.

Do I need to remind anyone of the sacrifices to academic integrity that John Calipari has accumulated in his rise to fame? Roy, on the other hand, has been known for years as a strict disciplinarian.
Anyone remember the dismissal of Will Graves four years ago? Or even the suspension of Leslie MacDonald for three games last year for “failing to meet his responsibilities as a student-athlete”?

Roy has already made P.J. complete an intense conditioning program and removed P.J. from all leadership decisions, and you can expect a suspension for the first part of the season.

But at the same time Roy has exhibited one of the greatest of all human virtues, grace, in allowing P.J. a second chance. Also, need I remind everyone that P.J. had the drug charges dropped in court. And who hasn’t been speeding on the interstate or gotten a parking ticket from DPS at some point?

I’m Matt Lancaster, I support Roy Williams, and I’m proud to be a Tar Heel.

Matt Lancaster ’14

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