Endorsement: The mayor has earned Chapel Hill’s trust

This editorial board endorses Mark Kleinschmidt for re-election because his consistent, intelligent, moral leadership has made him an exemplary mayor.

Voters can be assured Kleinschmidt cares about and fights for the values they hold sacred.

Since 2009, Kleinschmidt has fought for this community to be open-minded, diverse, affordable and environmentally responsible, and he has done so valiantly within the limits of his office.

He exhibits a mastery of the issues and an intimate knowledge of the workings of the town and its residents, all while being an articulate champion of its values.

In contrast to charges from his critics, Kleinschmidt has proven himself an able listener, and his record of collaboration with UNC is strong.

Kleinschmidt’s challenger, Pam Hemminger, has done an effective job of critiquing the weaker parts of Kleinschmidt’s record, but her assertion that the town hasn’t been an effective collaborator rings hollow.

But Kleinschmidt should pursue a better relationship with leaders of the Rogers-Eubanks community, which has been wronged by the town historically. Every action the town takes that affects it should be done with consciousness of that fact.

Kleinschmidt also should have fought harder for affordable housing concessions in the Ephesus-Fordham district. Still, Kleinschmidt is correct in asserting the area needs to provide more benefits to residents to make up for its status as an environmentally harmful eyesore, and his agenda as mayor has made that possible.

Kleinschmidt is the right person for the job, and his excellent record proves it.

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