The Daily Grind's contract will not be renewed after June


Stephanie Kim, a sophomore student, buys coffee from barista Mariko Davison at the Daily Grind located in the student store.

The Daily Grind has known since March 2015 that their contract would not be renewed in June, Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Enterprises Brad Ives said in a statement.

"Barnes and Noble College will be arranging for coffee service at the Student Stores when the contract with the Daily Grind expires by its terms," he said in the email. "Barnes and Noble College has exciting plans to expand the coffee area to create a vibrant space that is expected to become a central hub for campus activity. “

The contract was scheduled to expire on June 30, and administrators had previously said that the coffeeshop might negotiate a new contract.

Jane Brown, The Daily Grind's owner, said former Student Stores manager John Gorsuch had told her she could join other vendors in bidding for the coffeeshop's contract when it ran out in June.

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