Faculty Athletics Committee compares UNC athletes to NCAA study

Michelle Brown, assistant provost and director of the Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes, gave an overview of the Summer Success Program, an academic support program for newly enrolled student-athletes who attend Summer Session II.

The program allowed the students to participate in the Strong Interest Inventory to survey their personalities and interests.

“Over 44 percent of the students indicated an increase in knowledge of major options and career choices after reviewing the Strong profile,” Brown said.

John Stephens, an associate professor in the School of Government, introduced the student-athlete exit interview survey for review and discussion by members. The survey about academics and athletics is given to student-athletes who have completed graduation requirements.

The group discussed changes to the survey, but the final decision will be made at a later meeting.

Lissa Broome, faculty athletics representative, reviewed the NCAA GOALS study that occurs every five years and specifically looked at average Academic Progress Rate scores by sport, which have been improving over time. She highlighted a study on athletes’ views on whether or not they think they will play professionally.

Bubba Cunningham, director of athletics, said the statistics from the NCAA study do not represent UNC’s athletics.

“In men’s basketball, 100 percent went pro last year, and I would say that’s probably true for the last five, now one of them’s in Japan, but they’re all going pro,” Cunningham said. “Football, 50 percent of our team is trying to make an NFL roster.”

Stephens said talking to academic counselors and interviewing alumni is a good way to hear more about the student-athlete experience.

“We think we need to do better at trying to get a more complete picture of a variety of student-athletes on how they balance their time limits,” he said.


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