New posters with quote from Folt appear on campus


Signs were placed around campus quoting Chancellor Carol Folt's response to an earlier posted sign that she said incited violence.

The new fliers included warnings to wear gloves while taking down or covering up Nazi propaganda, a statement that “Democrats will not save us,” and a quote taken from Folt’s email response commenting on the anti-fascist fliers placed under an image of a pig in a police hat.

First-year Georgia Cassidy said quoting Folt near a picture of a pig was wrong.

“I think it makes sense for a chancellor to say that shouldn’t be posted because it is promoting hurting people and violence,” Cassidy said. “But at the same time, people are just trying to strongly voice their opinions, so there is a reason for it, but probably not on a campus.”

Unlike Cassidy, senior Hollie Shelton thought the fliers were appropriate for a college campus. She said it is important for these issues to be visible.

“I think people should see that these opinions are out there and that people do feel this way,” Shelton said.

In a statement, University spokesperson Joanne Peters said Folt’s email response to the anti-fascist fliers last Thursday was in line with their prior approaches to these situations — creating a response that is appropriate for the event.

“To be clear, Chancellor Folt tries to treat all students with the same compassionate approach,” Peters said in the statement. “We always support free speech on this campus, even when we find those views objectionable. However, in the instance of the flyer, there was a threat of a specific form of violence to members of our community and it was our responsibility to make clear that we do not tolerate violence at Carolina.”

Shelton said she thought the pig flier was childish, but as long as no violence occurs, she said everyone should be able to voice their opinion.

“People put up anti-Semitic things, people put up things challenging that, I mean, from both sides it happens,” she said. “I’m not saying it’s necessarily right or wrong either way, people just do have the right to do that as long as they are not actually harming someone.”

Junior Tavares Bush said he was shocked by the first flier, which he saw on Twitter. As for the subsequent fliers, he said he didn’t think they were appropriate.

“I didn’t think it was really appropriate just because the Chancellor is such a great figure at this University, and even if you disagree with her, it’s just kind of, I’m not sure if you should basically put that quote on that type of picture,” he said.

He said the posters, which he considers protected by free speech, do serve a purpose in today’s political climate.

“It doesn’t matter what side of the court you are, I think (for) both it’s going to make a difference. I’m the type of person that literally enjoys hearing both sides and then making opinions,” he said. “I’m always saying I like to see stuff like this, but at least they have an opinion about something.”

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