A diary entry farewell to 'The Vampire Diaries'


The final cast photo of season eight. Photo taken from VampireDiariesOnline.com

Today will be different. It has to be. I will smile, and it will be believable. My smile will say, “I’m fine, thank you. Yes, I feel much better.”

I will no longer be the sad little boy that mourned the end of “The Vampire Diaries.”

I will start fresh, be someone new. It’s the only way I’ll make it through — but I’ll never forget the memories.

It was eight years ago when I first met Elena Gilbert, Stefan and Damon Salvatore and the rest of the Mystic Falls residents. And it will all end tonight.

There were many secrets lurking in the shadows. Nothing was normal. In fact, it wasn’t a normal day unless Sheriff Forbes got a call about a body turning up in the middle of the night.

I remember the first time I came across a body. It was a late school night. Elena and Bonnie Bennett invited me to a bonfire by the woods. I wasn’t getting any signal on my phone so I wandered around until I could get some service.

Little did I know that I was walking straight into the woods. There was fog everywhere, heavy and murky. I couldn’t see a thing — and then I heard a scream.

I ran toward the sound and I saw Vicki Donovan on the ground, blood dripping down her neck. I thought I saw two bite marks. Then I saw someone hiding behind a tree.

When I got a glimpse of the person, I ran.

I ran straight home. I was terrified. I knew what I saw.

It was Damon Salvatore.

But he was no human.

His eyes were red. There were veins below his eyes running from down his face. I saw blood all over his mouth.

That’s when I — and everybody else who watched the CW that night — knew. He is a vampire.

I soon found out the deep, dark truth about Mystic Falls. Pretty much every supernatural creature I could think of — vampires, witches and werewolves — lived here.

I was thrown into a world filled with blood-drenched danger.

But it left me thirsting for more.

Soon enough, I was going on adventures with the Salvatores and the rest of the gang I would’ve never imagined I’d take. I helped find the cure to immortality and helped defeat the villainous Katherine Pierce (who I secretly adore; I mean, come on, she’s a badass who does whatever she needs to do to survive).

Also, I got to witness not one, but two epic romances — first, Elena and Stefan and then Elena and Damon.

But now, I must say goodbye forever, which for a vampire is forever-forever.

You immortal bastards!

No more blood.

No more witchy hijinks.

No more forbidden romance.

No more love triangles.

No more angsty Tumblr discussions.

However, all good things must come to an end.

So I bid farewell to Mystic Falls and to my TVD family.


Adam Phan



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