We asked UNC students: How's your bracket going?


March Madness is officially upon us. Villanova is already out, Duke lost last night to South Carolina and Obama has us winning in his bracket. The good news is that if you had UNC beating Duke at the national championship, you’re doing as well as Obama. Staff Writer Bonnie Meyer asked students: How’s your bracket doing, and how do you feel about it?

Sahana Raghunathan

Junior health policy major


“It’s doing pretty terribly because originally, in my mind, I was like, ‘I hate Villanova, I hate Duke. I’m going to have them both losing in the first or second round.’ And this guy, Eric, and another friend, Harrison, were like, ‘Sahana, if you do that, your bracket is going to be absolutely terrible, so don’t do that. Make sure you have all of them going all the way to, like, the Final Four at least. So I did that, and now my bracket’s completely ruined, when it would have been fine if I didn’t take advice of people who watched basketball more than I do.”

Eric Smith 

Junior economics major


“I had Villanova and Duke going further than, like, at least to the Sweet 16. So that happened, and I was destroyed.”

Farial Rahman

Sophomore computer science major


“(To make my bracket) I would just ask people around me to choose a number, one or two, and then I would choose a team based on one or two. And then I made three different ones, and I would just keep asking people. Or whichever one was the lowest one, I would choose that one, because you never know, surprises happen. Like yesterday.”

Jill Williams

First-year biology major


“I have UNC winning, but I have them playing Duke in the final. So, not so good.”

Jake Hunsucker 

Senior nursing student


“Pretty bad. Villanova was my championship game with UNC, and they are out now. I don’t care anymore — I just want to see UNC win.”

Andrea Brucculeri 

Sophomore English and journalism major


“I didn’t make a bracket, I’m sorry. Basically, I saw Barack Obama’s bracket, so I’m just like, riding on that — yes, I want UNC to win at the end. Although, since Duke got knocked out, we can’t have the amazing UNC-Duke showdown at the national championship.”

Harrison Pierce

First-year global studies major


“I forgot to make a bracket, so I guess not too well. Hopefully, (we'll make it) all the way.”

May Wang 

Sophomore environmental health science major


“I didn’t fill one out, but I know a lot of people who did, and they’re really upset. There’s just a lot of upsets that they didn’t predict and unnecessary anger.”

Vamsi Senthilvel

First-year biology major


“It’s not doing great. I picked Louisville in the Final Four and I picked a UNC-Duke final, so I’m not doing great. But I’m actually kind of glad Duke lost.”

Linh Bach

First-year chemistry and business major


“Not too good, because I had Villanova playing us, and I also had Duke playing us — like, two different brackets. But everything else is fine, I guess. We’re gonna win.”



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