Student athletes take a break from dream chasin' to fight back

#RIP Grandma Rigatoni 13:13


While all you NARPs have been out turning up for a week straight, I’ve been perfecting my hustle. What’s a NARP? That’s just what us hardworking, determined, committed, successful, beautiful student-athletes call non-athletic regular people (Just kidding, we don’t really. It’s more of an urban legend, like Bigfoot or the campus whistler).


But while you’ve been relaxing and I’ve been grinding, a new meme has taken over the Twittersphere, and it’s targeting me and my fellow student-athletes.

Apparently, the internet thinks it’s funny to mock how incredibly devoted, persevering and diligent student-athletes are. People living their normal, boring regular people lives think they’re just as busy as us student-athletes. 


And don’t even get me started on emojis. You might think you know how to use emojis, but you have no idea. 


And they can’t just be any old emojis. It has to be the perfect combination of the smiling devil, the face with steam from the nose, the silverware, the red 100 and the praying hands — it's really a form of art.

But while you sit here and look at my favorite examples of these hilarious memes, just remember, I’m out there getting better.

You know why?



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