Honeysuckle Tea House, an outdoor getaway, reopens after winter in Chapel Hill


Tim & Megan Toben speak to friends and supporters of their project, The Honeysuckle Tea House outside of Carrboro in Chapel Hill, on Saturday March 22nd 2014. The Tea House is a collaborative project that began with a kickstarter page. It's set to open this March

A local destination that provides relaxation for busy Chapel Hillians has reopened.

Honeysuckle Tea House reopened for the spring on March 30. The tea house allows customers to purchase locally grown tea and enjoy enriching activities such as yoga, garden tours and educational workshops. 

General Manager Jon Ackley said the tea house was closed in the winter, because the colder weather would have inhibited outdoor activities. 

“We are closed during the winter months, since we are an open-air tea house, which ties us to the elements,” Ackley said in an email.

Ackley said the venue was meant to be outdoors for a reason.

“We provide great teas, coffee, smoothies and service with a view that makes you think you're relaxing in the clouds,” Ackley said.

UNC sophomore Matt Rundell said he is eager for a venue to give him a break from his hectic day. 

“I feel like no matter where you go in Chapel Hill, people are always stressed. Whether it be a coffee shop or the library, people are always so consumed with apprehension that it just carries over to you,” Rundell said. “I think it would be nice to go somewhere where you can just relax and everyone around you is doing the same.”

Ackley said the tea house building was crowdfunded and built with recycled goods.

"It sits upon shipping containers, is framed by telephone poles and encircled with the support of our community of guests," he said.

One of the companies that Honeysuckle partners with is Rōmr, a business that gives customers an easier way to reserve space in local outdoor venues. 

Adriel Lubarsky, director of Rōmr Experience, said his company was attracted to Honeysuckle because of its open, outdoor space. 

“Rōmr is a way to reserve anything outdoors and that goes for activities such as camping, fishing, hiking and yoga,” Lubarsky said. “Honeysuckle Tea House is one of the many that we work with, and people can reserve the space for things such as yoga, private parties or camping.”

Upcoming events at Honeysuckle Tea House include teen yoga classes on Sunday, April 16. 

Ackley said a lot of teas on the menu are grown at Honeysuckle itself.

“Our tea comes from a variety of places, including Sangha Tea in Durham, and over a dozen teas are grown here at Honeysuckle Tea House,” Ackley said. 

In addition to visiting the tea house, customers can buy goods online that promote relaxation such as locally grown tea blends, body salves and meditation oils. 

The tea house is open Thursday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 


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