Letter: ​Have opinions? Join our editorial board!


The opinion section of The Daily Tar Heel functions as a sounding board for what the public has to say and as a platform for great writers to freely express themselves.

The editorial board is a group of around a dozen UNC students (undergrad and graduate!) who meet twice a week to discuss issues they find important to the community.

Editorials have been written to hold the school’s administrators accountable, to persuade people to watch horror films, to defend endangered salamanders and to honestly examine what we love and what we cannot love about the University.

My vision for the opinion page is to offer the University and the community facts and opinions that are timely, relevant and, above all, accessible.

Apply to join our editorial board at bit.ly/2oHD8FX if your perspective can contribute to our paper. We’d love to have you!

Emily Yue

2017-18 Opinion Editor

Thanks for reading.

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