Letter: ​Make student seating denser to improve it


I am writing in response to the editorial asking for ideas for better student seating.

When we talk about student seating, we must be realistic — most of the lower level seating rights have been granted for life. Students are unlikely to take over new seats in the lower bowl. So let’s turn to the example of cities — when free space is lacking, they get denser. In many European soccer stadiums, they have “rail seats” in their dedicated supporters’ sections. When there is an event that doesn’t have as much demand or requires seating, they place the seats down. When there is a high demand for standing spaces for fans, the seats fold up and provide additional standing spaces for fans, as well as a railing to lean on.

Our student section already stands for games, and if we are willing to sacrifice some pregame comfort, rail seats could let more students watch in the lower level for big games.

This balances the desire for more seating with the financial realities of Carolina basketball.

With potential renovations not too far in the future, I hope that the athletic department will consider this as an option.

Josh Mayo


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