Protesters gather in Durham for reported KKK rally


Counter-protestors burn a Confederate flag in anticipation of a KKK rally in Durham.

Update, 3:13: Counter-protestors took to the streets of Durham in anticipation of an announced KKK rally at noon. While the KKK had no significant presence, protestors stayed out, holding a dance party in downtown and marching through the streets, causing Main, Pettigrew, S.Roxboro, Parrish, Church, Mangum and Ramseur Loop to close.

Virginia Bridges of the Durham Herald-Sun reported that protestors said the KKK was coming at 4. The Durham sheriff has tweeted that these claims are unverified. Protestors claimed victory at the courthouse at 2 p.m. and are debriefing on what they thought went well. The Durham sheriff has released a statement regarding the protest: 

White nationalists are reported to be clashing with protesters in downtown Durham. 

The Durham County sheriff Mike Andrews released a statement on Facebook asking for people to remain calm and avoid creating mass panic.

"We are urging the public to avoid circulating rumors on social media and instead wait for verified information from officials monitoring the situation," Andrews wrote. 

Becca Heilman and Tyler Fleming contributed reporting. The Daily Tar Heel has reporters on the scene. Check back here for updates.

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