Letter: Lounge restrictions are faculty elitism


The new restrictions on student usage of the Anne Queen Faculty Commons in the Campus Y is a gross example of faculty elitism and privilege. 

As many students will soon learn, the UNC Office of Faculty Governance recently implemented a policy banning students from using the lounge between the hours of 8 a.m.to 5 p.m., unless escorted or invited by a faculty or staff member. This is, of course, ridiculous considering that the lounge is located directly next to the student-owned coffee shop The Meantime.

Let that sink in. We just banned students from using the room next to their own coffee shop.

Faculty can now enjoy students serving them coffee and then arrogantly strut into a closed room where the students who live, study and work on our campus are not permitted.

Sure, it’s nice to have a somewhat quiet atmosphere where faculty, staff and students can meet.There are other ways togo about this. Let’s put up signs and respect each other’s space like good citizens of any community.

If faculty are still bothered by the presence of students, then perhaps they would be better served meeting in their offices or any number of seminar rooms or lounges located throughout UNC’s campus.

The UNC College of Arts and Sciences claims “Student Focus” among its“Guiding Principles,” asserting, “we put students first and foremost—they are our reason for being.”Clearly, the new policy is incongruous with this “Guiding Principle.”

 Dr. William Sturkey 

Assistant Professor of History

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