Color yourself creative with Creatives of Color

Creativity is once again dominating UNC, but this time it has a little more color.

Creatives of Color is an organization that aims to help students of color express their individuality and network with other creative minds. Whether it’s graphic design, singing, dancing or painting, students from all walks of life will come together to express their creativity.

Anyone who's willing to channel their inner Beyoncé, Picasso or Shakespeare can join. There will be an interest meeting Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. in Union 3209 and Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. in Union 2420.

Noni Shemenski, president of COC, started talking to a lot of people in the Triangle area this past summer about creating a space where innovators can build connections and showcase their creativity. Once she saw that people were interested in making a community for creative people, she began the registration process to verify the organization at UNC. 

From there, UNC Creatives of Color was born.

“I’m looking forward to talking to people and learning their stories," Shemenski said. "People do amazing things, and we often don’t hear about it."

Additionally, COC advocates for more than just creativity. Three branches are integrated within the heart of COC. The first is the social branch, where collaborations with other organizations, such as the Black Student Movement, will allow students to show their talents to others that may have the same passion as them.

Kevyn Robinson, the social chair of COC, is coordinating these exciting events, such as an open mic night and special projects with the Carolina Indian Circle. 

“We’ll host workshops to help people talk about their work and learn regardless of their experience,” Kevyn said.

The other two branches, education/outreach and community service, are designed to educate people of color in their craft and use this knowledge to help out in the local community and teach others that they can be creative as well.

“I’m excited about giving people the space to explore their creativity,” Abbott Ndukwe, a graphic chair of COC, said. “A lot of people will say that they like to sing or they like to draw, but they don’t know what to do with it. Creatives of Color provides a space where people can display their creative talent.”

Tiana Attride, a photographer and an incoming COC member, said she’s thankful for such an amazing organization and getting involved with other people’s craft.

“I grew up in an area that wasn’t fit for creative people,” Attride said. “I had few black friends that were able to express their creativity. So being a part of an organization that will inspire everyone to make art is such a huge deal for me.”


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