You know my dog, not my story


We dog owners love it when you give our furry friends some attention. But please, give us some attention too while you’re at it. 

Picture this: It’s a sunny summer afternoon and the quads are alive with the sound of doggos. Playing fetch, getting belly rubs, sniffing each and every tree on their stroll through campus. 

You find yourself enthralled with the cutest little pup you ever did see, and you can’t help but power walk across Polk Place to go pet it. So you approach the dog and its owner and ask, “Can I pet your dog?” 

“Sure,” replies the gracious owner. 

You then scratch the pupper behind its ears, maybe throw in a, “Who’s a good boy?” or two, and then go on your way. 

You, dear dog-loving reader, are the literal worst. 

Well, maybe you’re not the worst, but rather misled by a set of cultural norms which lead you to believe that it’s okay to come within two feet of a person without acknowledging that they exist. 

Although you did the right thing and asked permission (seriously y’all, always ask before petting a dog), we owners can’t help but feel used every time you walk away without so much as a “thank you." These relationships are a two-way street, and too often you fail to bring any goods to the table. 

While you’re playing with our dogs, maybe ask us how our day has been going, or what we’re studying, or you could even ask us what our names are (what a concept, right?). Generally speaking, try to show some humanity when interacting with our animals. 

This advice isn’t just for our benefit, but yours too.

While we can all agree that dogs are adorable, you never know, their owner might be pretty cute, too. Imagine the amount of meet cutes you’ve missed out on because you only locked eyes with a canine cutie and not the one holding its leash.

Even if you’re not looking for a grand romance with a dog lover – which if you’re not is your loss, but you do you – at least make an effort to be kind. 

Throughout our days we miss out on so many opportunities to show basic human compassion for one another. We on the editorial board can think of no better way to start than by spending a sunny afternoon with a new four-legged friend, and maybe a two-legged one as well.

Thanks for reading.

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