Bulletin Boards provide RAs an opportunity for creativity

Resident Advisors have to deal with a lot: planning events, helping residents, meeting with advisors and of course, balancing all that with going to class. With so much going on, it’s a wonder how they still have the time to decorate those entertaining bulletin boards every month.

PlayMakers Repertory Company production of Disgraced.  (Photo by Jon Gardiner)

Latest PlayMakers play anything but disgraceful

There are many critical faux pas that often manifest from the interpretive naïveté of the critic. Terms like “impression,” “opinion,” and “feeling” often litter the pantomime of many a subpar “review.” However, and most especially in the context of PlayMakers’ production of Ayad Akhtar’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play "Disgraced," it would be a disservice to Mr Akhtar, the cast, and production team to belittle the work with such empty folly.

A group of students wait outside of the audition room for UNC STV's "UNC's Next Top Host"

UNC's Next Top Host: the Auditions

After Jay Putnam left "Good Night with Jay Putnam," UNC TV is left searching for a new late night talk show host. We're chronicling the journey, from beginning to end.