Column: Finding musical serenity down south

Embracing the hustle and bustle of South by Southwest On the short drive from Chapel Hill to Raleigh last September en route to the 2013 Hopscotch Music Festival, an exciting yet startling thought crossed my mind: I was preparing to jump on to a moving train.

Q&A with Ex Hex

Ex Hex is a new rock trio that will its debut album later this year. The band’s seven-inch single, “Hot and Cold,” will be released on March 18 on Merge Records. Dive staff writer Stephanie Zimmerman spoke with bandleader Mary Timothy about the band, some of its visual aesthetics and her own musical background.

Music Review: Skaters

Skaters Manhattan ??? Rock Skaters’ Manhattan chronicles life in New York City as it transports listeners to the city by mixing natural city-scape sounds with low-tone vocals and garage pop riffs. Manhattan’s sound, although varied and at times confusing, mirrors NYC’s chaotic nature.

Music Review: Bad Things

Bad Things Bad Things ? Pop rock Shaun White made an album. Yes, Shaun White, the snowboarder. The two-time Olympic gold medalist-turned-guitarist and four others, including former Augustana member Jarod Palomar released a self-titled album in January under the moniker Bad Things.

Music Review: St. Vincent

St. Vincent St. Vincent ????1/2 Rock Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent, has combined her electric rock roots with a multitude of other influences to create an album with a remarkably distinct sound.

Music Review: Gardens & Villa

Gardens & Villa Dunes ???? Pop rock It’s been three years since the promising debut album of the pop rock band Gardens & Villa. With its latest Dunes, the group has crafted a similarly pleasing and bouncy record that remains consistently catchy and enjoyable.

Movie Review: Non-Stop

Non-Stop ???1/2 The trailer for Liam Neeson’s newest action movie, “Non-Stop,” is misleading. A gruff-voiced Neeson, ominous text overlays and quick cuts of punches, gunfire and explosions presumably foretell “Taken” on a plane. But “Non-Stop” does its best — with reasonable success — to break out of that mold.

Movie Review: Son of God

Son of God ??? Jesus Christ is the son of God. That’s what “Son of God” aims to convey to audiences everywhere. Its goal is to tell the story of the famous, consistently debated, essential historical figure.

Lost in the Trees finds a new sense of self

In music, change is a double-edged sword. On one hand, evolution is necessary. In order to stay relevant, artists must constantly refine and alter their sound to offer something fresh and current to their audience.