Bons temps on tap for Mardi Gras in Durham

The Triangle area is getting its very own taste of Mardi Gras a little early this weekend. “Hey Pocky Way: A Mardi Gras Primer” will celebrate the food and music of New Orleans this Saturday at Trotter Hall in Durham.

Movie Review: Pompeii

Pompeii ??? “Pompeii” is a movie of epic proportions. With battle scenes, fireballs and romance, audiences everywhere have some aspect to take pleasure in. Yet, can a movie fully be enjoyed when most audiences already know the ending?

Q&A with Joanna Bolme of The Jicks

With the release of the band’s sixth studio album Wig Out at Jagbags, Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks has opted for short and sweet and laid down a collection of cleverly written pop songs with a rock guitar punch.

Music Review: Owls

Owls Two Pop rock ?? More than a decade after Owls’ last release, the band has reunited on Two, an album drowned in stale ’90s vibes and repetitive, headache-inducing riffs.

Music Review: Horseback

Horseback Piedmont Apocrypha Post-rock ???1/2 Local musician Jenks Miller’s latest project appears under the guise of Horseback, an ethereal mix of metal and post-rock instrumentals.

Music Review: Yellow Ostrich

Yellow Ostrich Cosmos Electronic ???? Through the combination of ethereal electronic ambiance, rhythmic diversity and introspective lyrics, Yellow Ostrich takes listeners on an emotional journey in its new album, Cosmos.

Music Review: Mark McGuire

Mark McGuire Along the Way Electronic ???? Mark McGuire’s Along the Way is your progtronic masterpiece for an ultimate Zen listening experience.

Movie Review: The Great Beauty

The Great Beauty ???1/2 “The Great Beauty,” directed by Paolo Sorrentino, is an intimate Italian film that tells the story of journalist Jep Gambardella, played by Toni Servillo

Movie Review: RoboCop

RoboCop ?? Make no mistake: “RoboCop” is fun. Its 108 minutes of action-packed visual dynamite secure it a place among those light, mediocre adventure flicks usually reserved for mid-summer releases.

Movie Review: Winter's Tale

Winter’s Tale ? “Winter’s Tale” tries so hard to be a film that moves beyond mere romance — it contains hints of magical realism, New York gangsters, fantasy, Heaven vs. Hell and a heavy sense of fate and destiny.