An ode to curly hair

Curly hair is truly a creature of its own.

It takes years of finessing and never fails to keep you on your toes as you wonder if your curls will actually curl today, or if they might just decide to lay there in all their frizzy glory and minimal cooperation against your face.

Every shower matters and a hair brush might as well be equivalent to the devil in the eyes of someone with a head full of curls. 

Maintaining curls is a full time job . You will experience the best hair days of your life, followed by the most atrocious curls you've ever laid your eyes on that make you want to shave your head.

They say it's a blessing, that every girl with straight hair longs for the twists and turns of the ringlets so many are born with. Yet, the girls that possess these curls either intensely love the way their hair frizzes in the morning, or they squish the curls down between two hot metal plates to tame the beast and pretend they have long straight locks.

What I have come to learn throughout my long 19 years of curl-filled life is that these curls are, and will forever be, your greatest asset.

There is never a boring day, a dull moment or an uneventful morning trying to perfect the curly-Q's on your head.

Whether perfectly sculpted from the curly hair gods or enhanced with a little help from a heated rod, each and every one of the curls on your head adds dimension and volume to every aspect of your life.

Polished or not, curly haired girls can never be told their look is exceedingly boring because not one hair day goes by where the curls don't do something exciting.

They have a personality of their own and fully embody the wild and care-free characteristics that those with a head full of curls possess.

Never let the kinks or random pieces of straight hairs on the back of your head bring you down.

Most certainly, never let the idea that "straight hair is prettier" overpower the luscious full head of bouncy curls on your head every single day.

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