Why tight clothes are on its way out this summer

I’m currently in the process of getting rid of every item of denim I own. Every classic Levi’s-owning individual is probably weeping after reading that statement.

As somebody who used to refuse to wear anything but skinny jeans even in the summertime, this has been no easy decision for me. Since making the transition from denim to looser and airy fabrics, I’ve found myself fifty times happier getting dressed in the morning.

Although there’s obviously nothing quite like slipping into a pair of high-waisted shorts in the middle of June, I’ve found lately that I would much rather kick back in a pair of cloth pants and a roomy shirt. In fact, it’s so comfortable that it almost feels like I'm wearing pajamas on a daily basis.

Elizabeth and James Pre-Fall 2016

While the look may sound a little lazy, some of the best looks I’ve seen floating around the Internet lately have consisted of nothing but loose-fitting pants, shorts and tops.

Tight clothing can be flattering, but it can make people overly self-conscious about their bodies. This can become problematic especially during the summer months when people tend to shed their layers and expose a bit more skin.

Personally, the main appeal in loose clothing is that I become less concerned about what I look like while I’m relaxing in the park or by the pool. This allows me to focus more on having fun and less on examining every curve and groove of my body in the mirror every five minutes.

That is another one of the beauties of loose clothing – it is flattering on everybody. People of all genders, shapes and sizes can work this look.There are so many options and ways to work loose clothing that anybody can find something that they feel good in.

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The versatility of relaxed clothes may be another one of its greatest assets.

Loose clothes can be: day looks or night looks, dressed up or dressed down, solid, patterned or layered. If you have tight clothing nostalgia, loose pants paired with a fitted top is a big trend this summer.

Last but not least – the sweat that comes with tight clothing. This is a no-brainer. Looser clothing equals less room to collect sweat equals no room for pit stains equals a significantly better summer.

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