Five street style looks for summer inspiration

Two weeks into summer vacation and those of us at home have hit that point, the point of no return, the point where we wake up in the morning and wear the same pair of nike shorts for the fourth day in a row.

Yes, it's not even June yet, but it's not very uncommon to lose your fashion motivation as you decompress from school and begin to relax at home before the mid-summer antics start.

It's easy to look in stores and try to grab some summer style inspiration from the mannequins or even try and replicate some of last summer's all star outfits. These methods can leave your fashion sense unfulfilled, longing for something fresh and new to spend the summer wearing.

When it doubt, turn to street style. It never fails and will always keep you and your style on your toes.

Here are five to die for looks that will spark any and every sort of summer style inspiration you may need as you sit on your couch and continue to binge watch Netflix.




Source: WhoWhatWear

This white on white look is the definition of chic and summer. It is the perfect time to take minimalism to the next level and fully embrace all things white. The cropped slacks paired with a cutout tank balances class and edge especially if paired with some vintage black ankle boots. 

Of course, not every college student has this look available in their closet. With that being said, although you might not have the highest end of summer fashion pieces at your finger tips, take this look and make it your own.

Experiment with summer whites and don't be afraid to be as monochromatic as you want. Summer is the perfect time to play dress up and truly figure out what works best for you.



Source: WhoWhatWear

For the cooler summer days that turn into nights, this casual-cool look is accessible to everyone. Fitted, distressed flare jeans will highlight and accentuate almost any figure. Add some white tennis shoes and a looser band tee and your look gives off the perfect laid back summer vibe.

One thing I particularly love and can take away from this particular look is the addition of the clutch as well and the sunglasses. Those two single accessories are what takes the look to the next level.

A look a casual as this being executed on a regular day can look boring, if not outdated. Add some fun sunglasses and throw in one accessory that is a little unexpected, just to dress up the look and push it into modern times.



Source: Neverunderdressed

A true model of street style excellence is what you're looking at.

The colors, the patterns, the balance of garments; it all comes together to form a cohesive, exciting summer look.

Of course, this is not the most easily accessible look either and some may try to execute something close to this and fail miserably.

What this look can really inspire is a daring mixture of colors and patterns. Summer time is bright, warm and really fosters fun, so why not let your outfit do the same?The blues and greens contrast perfectly with the black and white printed blouse. Take this look and transform it into something a little more casual by adding colored or printed shorts into your wardrobe and dressing them up with fun accessories like a contrasting belt or wild sandals.



Source: PrettyPlumSugar

Pink and patchwork are two p's in a pod (literally). 

Overalls are a street style go-to and should frankly be a go-to for anyone looking to make a statement. 

Throwing on dressier shoes with an otherwise casual outfit takes a look to the next level and can make you feel like you're wearing something completely new, despite every piece being something that you've worn before.

The idea of an accent color is never a bad idea and pink is perfect for summer. Pale pink will forever be a color of choice and is the perfect feminine touch to any outfit, especially one that revolves around denim.



Source: WhoWhatWear

Usually the hemline trend is to get shorter as time goes on, however, this summer seems to be all about longer hems and looser dresses. This combination cultivates something wonderful within the world of fashion.

Most of the time, summer style is lost within the mass amounts of ill-fitting, excessively tight shorts and summer dresses that are genuinely atrocious, but girls feel compelled to wear them because that's all they've ever known.

Take a cue from this gorgeous snakeskin dress and lower the hem for the summer. Let the dress do the talking instead of the body parts that your too-small sun dress is revealing.

By picking a mid-calve length dress and pairing it with wedges, it elongates the body and makes for an elegant summer look. The pattern of the dress, just like the one worn above, will also allow for anyone wearing it to make a statement. 

For a cooler, more laid back option with a dress like this, throw on a great pair of gladiator sandals and tie your hair in a messy bun to relax and enjoy a summer evening with your friends.

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