Two ways to style summer's most popular trends

Every person who's up-to-date on the trends of the season knows that there's two ways to style every trend. 

You can opt for the more usual, predictable version of the trend that fits everday life, or you can take the trend and make it something of a high fashion editorial.

Certain days fit certain outfits better and it's not always necessary to pull out all your fashion tricks to go above and beyond street style, but there are those days where your inner Anna Wintour is telling you to not hold back.

I'm taking three of this summer's most popular trends and breaking down the two ways of style each and every one of them.

Off the shoulder tops

Style 1


Credit: Pepino Lady Fashion and Vici Collection

These two ideas show the trend being executed in a more accessible, functional (and probably affordable) way that most girls are generally attracted to when they think of the trend.

Style 2


Credit: Atlantic Pacific and Harper and Harley

These two looks are both extraordinarily minimalist, but both wear the trend in a way that puts a focus on shapes and silhouettes that add a sense of drama to their looks.


Style 1


Credit: LucLuc and Style Estate

Fun, flirty and ready for a trip to the mall, these two jumpsuits are styled with looking like modern day perfection in mind.

Style 2


Credit: Remain Simple and Style Caster

Both of these jumpsuits take the trend to the next level. They highlight creativity and are less focused on executing the trend in a basic way.

Midi-length hemlines

Style 1


Credit: Lulu's and FashforFashion

Cute and classic, both of these looks are exactly what the trend is set out to convey. The femininity behind both dress is perfectly on trend and can be worn for almost any occasion with little thought having to go into the styling.

Style 2


Credit: Vogue Paris

Youu may not have a glimmering, couture midi-dress that is the true definition of perfection just sitting in your closet to replicate this look, but that's not the point. Both of these are taking risks with the trend whether it be from the color or patter or to the shoes they paired with it, either one of these looks is street style, summer trend gold.

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