Why your clothes don't matter as much anymore

With the popularity of normcore fashion on the rise this year with no sign of slowing down, style has slowly but steadily become less about the clothes and more about the accessories, highlighting the importance of unique hair, makeup, and statement jewelry.

We may now be able to get away with wearing a plain white T-shirt, mom jeans and converse and call it fashion, but altering your own look with a new 'do or piercing is where one's true dedication to fashion is challenged. While it's not difficult to buy new outfits as trends and seasons change, finding ways to add a bit of drama to your look can be a little more stressful.

The adaptable fashionista will tell you, however, that there are certainly ways to get around this—ways that don't involve dying your hair green or putting a new hole in your face.

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If you've been wanting to radically change up your hair, now is the time to do it. Short hair is in, and the shorter the cut, the more daring the wearer appears.

However, if you're not too keen on chopping off your lovely locks, try out some new hairstyles instead. Braids are extremely popular at the moment, as are beautiful hair accessories like the one pictured above.

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The key with makeup right now is to go big or go bare - nothing in between. The two main looks that seem to be popping up left and right are "no-makeup makeup" - in which one creates a very subtle look that allows the wearer to look fresh, sun kissed and glowy.

My suggestion: if you're going for the natural look, make use of highlighter, which will make you shine like a sun goddess. If you plan on using bright eyeshadow, make sure you test it for thickness so that the shadow goes on nice and bright, and always remember to use a primer beforehand.

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Accessories have recently become my favorite way to express my fashion sense. My top three choices for accessorizing: large earrings, layered rings, and septum rings.

Large earrings are simple enough that they work in conjunction with normcore looks, but are noticeable enough to be considered a statement and add a bit of sass to an outfit.

Layered rings make me feel plain powerful - space them out nicely amongst your fingers, and don't be afraid to wear two or three on one digit.

A septum ring, while seeming like an intense commitment commitment, really doesn't have to require commitment at all. All different kinds are sold online or in stores —including fake ones that pop in and out easily.

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