Back to school on a budget

It's the most wonderful time of the year – back to school season. 

It's almost as great as the holidays, only with sweltering heat waves and instead of stuffing stocking, you're stuffing backpacks. 

As we all transition back throughout these next three to four weeks, times might get a little stressful as the back to school purchases and to-do lists get much bigger than we originally expect. The root of a lot of this stress for most students is of course, money.

Just like the holiday season, everything you need seems to rack up to monumental proportions and the budget tends to go out the window as you succumb to the sales various retailers throw in your face to get you to spend more money.

Well, not everything you need for the big move back has to break the bank. I've complied some back to school steals that can help you save a few bucks, while rounding out your fall wardrobe and new furniture. 

Forever 21 Utility Jacket: $22.00


Target "Beauty Sleep" Throw Pillow: $3.14


IKEA Storage Case: $8.99


Gray Fur Body Pillow: $8.99


Chambray Joggers: $12.00


IKEA Organizers: $14.99


IKEA Throw Pillow: $7.00


Like it or not, we all have to return to reality one day and head on back to school, so you may as well do it in style and save your money along the way. 

These might not total out to your entire back to school list, but saving the extra cash now will most certainly help you out when you decide on your fabulous spring break plans for the coming year.

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