How fitness helps fashion

When you think fashion, you think high-end designers, trends and extraordinary clothes that only super models could pull off.

Fashion encompasses many, many things in life and one thing that fashion could not survive without is fitness.

And I mean fitness in the broadest sense of the word, as in the health and mentality of a single person being at the best possible state he/she could be at.

How do these two relate even a little, you ask?

Well, for starters, the more obvious reason is that if you take care of your body and yourself, keeping it healthy and happy and in good shape, naturally clothes will fit better, but more importantly, you will feel better. 

Feeling good in your own wardrobe makes wearing clothes purposeful, no questions asked.

A good mindset and health conscious living will pay off in all aspects of your life, but will truly take your style and confidence behind it to another level.

Incorporating working out into a daily routine can instantly improve your mood. You'll notice a difference not only in your body, but your mind and your energy levels.

Leveling out stress with a good workout routine and eating good food goes hand-in-hand with how you feel about yourself. Filling your days with endless reality TV marathons and sugar-filled treats will of course make you gain weight, but will also cloud your mind and how you think of your body.

This makes it particularly hard to want to put your best self forward through your style if you simply don't care about how you're treating your body.

Staying healthy doesn't stop at what you eat or how much you workout either. Taking care of all aspects of your body can be a pain, but once you get into a routine and start to see results it will feel instantly natural.

This includes finding ways to treat your hair and skin in ways that help it, not harm it. 

If you know you use heat products more than not, find creams or sprays to protect against heat and repair your ends. If you know you're going to wear makeup almost every day, be sure to find ways to fully clean your skin and removing makeup before you sleep to avoid visible clogged pores.

With good health and fitness, comes confidence. 

With confidence, comes a flawless wardrobe and style that represents yourself at your absolute best.

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