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DTH at a Glance: Real eyes realize real lies

It's finally over, everybody. We're done. 

Kylie Jenner wasn't kidding when she said this was the year of realizing things — 2016 has been a wild ride. I finished my first year of college and started my second one, made some of the best friends I've ever met and experienced some pretty intense heartbreak that I'm not going to get into for this newsletter. Of course, it's not really over yet. I still have three exams and a handful of final projects to get through. But this is the last time this year I'll write for The Daily Tar Heel (calendar year, not academic — you can't get rid of me that easily). 

In honor of our last paper, we've put together a review of our biggest stories from 2016. From political turmoil to championship losses to campus controversy, reporting here has been a joy at least 75 percent of the time.

— Rachel


  • Domestic violence victims are healing through writing with an eight-week program at the Compass Center.
  • Students voted to approve a $10 increase in student fees on Tuesday. 
  • Coop, there it is! North Carolina Governor-elect Roy Cooper held a victory rally last night in Raleigh to celebrate his win over Gov. Pat McCrory after weeks of debate and uncertainty.
  • Talk about an element of surprise — a Research Triangle Park group approved the names of four new additions to the periodic table on Nov. 28. 


Several women's health and civil liberties organizations are filing a lawsuit against North Carolina to overturn House Bill 425, which outlaws abortions after 20 weeks. The groups view the abortion ban as unconstitutional, as pregnancy viability generally occurs at approximately 24 weeks. Pro-abortion rights campus leaders such as senior Justine Orlovsky-Schnitzler are excited but cautiously optimistic about the suit.


The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce will honor public servants and citizens alike in a ceremony called "Salute to Community Heroes." We caught up with some of the honorees before the event, which will take place on Thursday in University Place.


High school seniors rejoice — the UNC system has implemented a tuition freeze passed by the N.C. General Assembly in July which will keep tuition rates the same for eight consecutive semesters and cap student fee increases at 3 percent.

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