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DTH at a Glance: New year, new memes

Good morning, and welcome back from winter break, y'all!

It's time to talk about New Year's resolutions. A fellow editor and I have vowed to exercise twice a week and limit ourselves to gossiping only while also working out. Because, ya know, there's no stick and/or carrot like being allowed to talk crap.

For ideas that might actually inspire goodness in humanity, check out today's articles about self-care-related resolutions and psychologists' advice on how to keep them.

Or come be shady at the SRC on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

— Danny


  • If you're as out of the loop on the whole U.S.-Russia situation as (a certain new federal politician and) I am, we've got you covered. This Q&A with a UNC political science professor will break it down for you.
  • Someone broke into one room and tried to pry their way into six other rooms in Spencer Residence Hall over winter break. No information has been divulged regarding which dorms were broken into — even to the students living there.
  • Following my excursion into sports journalism and Duke men's basketball over break, here's an arbitrary list of things that lasted longer than Grayson Allen's indefinite suspension.
  • Brooke Baldwin, a CNN anchor and UNC alumna, will be our 2017 spring commencement speaker. To get a sneak peak of who she is and what weird Ice Cube-related anecdotes she might share at your graduation, take a look at today's Q&A with her.


Vice Chancellor Winston Crisp has stepped in to resolve the longstanding conflict about dividing undergrad and graduate student government at UNC. Nothing in his memo is final without Chancellor Folt's sign-off, though.


The U.S. Supreme Court has issued a stay on North Carolina's redistricting and special elections after a lower court ruled them necessary in November. Other suggestions for what the most powerful court in the land could put on hold this week: spring semester, the year 2017 as an entity, public school superintendents who rap their snow cancellations.


The town of Hillsborough has joined the local bandwagon and became the 35th Bee City USA to help raise awareness for its local pollinators. And thus Hillsborough continues to live in the shadow of Carrboro another day :/


Free pads and tampons are coming to the Student Union's gender-neutral and women's bathrooms. And just think: It only took until 2017 to finally stop paying for sanitary products in bathrooms that offer condoms for free.

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