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DTH at a Glance — Drag name: Hedda Lettuce

Good morning, and thank the Good Lord Above™ it's finally Friday.

I know I've made the joke that there is a student group for literally everything — but past me was wrong. There's now a UNC Lettuce Club, which was founded by first-years who found the idea on Twitter and basically went, "What the hell."

As someone who has gone through the process of registering a new student group with UNC, do you know how F'ing long that application takes to fill out? Like, four hours. Four "Scandal" episodes. Seven first dates.

I don't know where the priorities of today's youth stand, but they are wrong.

— Danny


  • Patricia Clayton, Northern Orange County's NAACP president, recently called for a ban of the use of Confederate flags on Orange County school campuses.
  • The UNC-system Board of Governors might be downsizing from 32 to 24 members, thanks to a bill recently passed by the state senate. It'll be read one more time before being sent to Gov. Roy Cooper's desk.
  • The New Orleans-themed Zell’s Underground Daiquiri Bar is now open just in time for Mardis Gras. The owner said the idea for her bar came to her in a vision from God, and honestly, I agree.
  • Immigrants in Chapel Hill chose not to attend school or work yesterday as part of a national "Day Without Immigrants" protest to demonstrate the important roles they play in their communities.


Someone reported $750 in damage to a Days Inn after a bathtub overflowed onto the floor and into the room below it. Another person was reported for "singing karaoke loudly" at 11:53 p.m. on Tuesday.


The Center for Biological Diversity mailed Durham thousands of condoms themed after endangered species for Valentine's Day this year.  The phrase “Lots of couples will get lucky this Valentine’s Day, but wildlife and the environment will be far less fortunate,” was a real sentence from a real press release.


UNC's Chris Derickson recently announced he's leaving his job as University Registrar to become assistant vice provost and director of Student Information Systems and Services Office at Duke. Just really flows better than his old title, you know?


The UNC Board of Elections has officially set the new student body presidential election date for March 2. The board will release a list of candidates who collected the required 1,250 signatures at 5 p.m. on Feb. 23.

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