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DTH at a Glance: I don't know her

Good morning!

I just started writing my third consecutive anecdote about dogs this week — it was a real tear-jerker about the time my dog tried to eat a belligerent drunk guy outside a taco truck in Carrboro — but it has recently come to my attention that the N.C. State men's basketball game apparently happened. Luckily, we did remember to send a reporter.

The final score was 97-73, thanks to Luke Maye and his impeccable eyebrows.

— Danny


  • A lawsuit has been filed against Jones County, N.C. that alleges rural black residents are being prevented from electing candidates that represent their needs.
  • Recent research from Kyoto University suggests dogs are pretty good judges of character and know when people are nice — which probably explains why Ben perpetually barks at frat guys and my old landlord who never fixed my leaky ceiling.
  • UNC softball dragged Elon 6-2, hitting three balls out of the park/Anderson Stadium on Wednesday afternoon.


In today's big-time crime, someone stole a calculator and headphones, valued at $370, from an unattended backpack. Another person stole a $500 firearm from a car.


There's currently a concept plan suggesting turning the Country Fried Duck building into a six-story retail and condo space. It's unclear what that project would mean for the current tenants — including Bub O'Malley's, which is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary in April.


Student Congress approved six recommendations for UNC Board of Elections nominees during a special session Wednesday. The board now has enough members to function under the UNC Student Code, meaning the student body presidential election is one step closer to getting back on track.


Gov. Roy Cooper is proposing another compromise to repeal House Bill 2. In a press conference, he announced plans to strike down HB2 while cracking down on crimes that occur in bathrooms and locker rooms.

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