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DTH at a Glance: Leave Bonnie Bennett alone

Good morning! Just kidding. It's not a good morning.

Why? Because my guilty pleasure show of over a year — the one I once crammed three seasons of into about two days — is coming to an abrupt and untimely end tonight. "The Vampire Diaries" is officially over, the world's most annoying character is probably coming back for it, and I am very not OK.

Anyway, fun aside: I'm going on Spring Break today, and so is DTH at a Glance! We'll be back to publishing normally on Monday, March 20. See you on the other side.

— Danny


  • Special shoutout to the kvetcher who has been in a marine science class for two midterms now and has learned more about hydrogen bonds than endearing sea mammals.
  • Senior Nicole Greene is a high-jumping all star, she's made Dean's List all three semesters at the UNC and she is killing it.
  • After almost 30 years in the same location, The ArtsCenter in Carrboro might be getting a change in scenery. Officials are proposing moving it to South Greensboro Street, across from Open Eye.


On Wednesday, someone reported their neighbor lying in their driveway behind their car and refusing to move when asked. Another person was reported for stealing $1 from a SunTrust. Chapel Hill is wild — and yes, you heard that right. The former didn't happen in Carrboro.


On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court passed on hearing a case on transgender public school students using bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity. But the decision won't have a direct effect on HB2 suits in North Carolina, according to the ACLU.


Republicans in the N.C. General Assembly are proposing a bill to enact stricter penalties on protesters who disrupt economic activity. The bill comes in the wake of protests in Charlotte and the Women’s March on Raleigh.


Today, UNC men's basketball faces off against Duke for the third time this season. Hopefully IsaiahTheo and the rest of the Tar Heels come through the way they did against Miami yesterday. (fingers crossed) (knock on wood) (hyperventilate in the corner)

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