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DTH at a Glance: Eye of the Sakaiger

Good morning!

With everything going on lately — Spring Break, midterms, a particular volatile lunar cycle for Pisces — I've been struggling to find any down time. I haven't started a new show in probably six months. I'm two seasons behind in "How to Get Away with Murder" and one season behind in "Scandal." Shonda is rolling in her grave.

Fortunately, even if I don't have time to regularly sleep or shower lately, I do come into work every day knowing a new episode in the telenovela that is this year's student body presidential race will be waiting for me.

Most recently, an appeal has been filed in the allegations against SBP candidate Maurice Grier (and his recordings of various conversations with people involved). The chairperson of the Board of Elections and the student solicitor general are being called to leave office. No word on whether Paul Kushner's clandestine twin has emerged from hiding yet.

— Danny


  • The Trump administration issued a new executive order, this time barring immigration from six Muslim-majority countries, leaving out Iraq.
  • The Chapel Hill Town Council passed a resolution supporting an investigation into the North Carolina's involvement in torture practices after 9/11.
  • Little known fact: The Sakai cat's official name is "Sakaiger." And even littler known fact: It was almost a "Sakainoceros" instead. Things can always be worse.
  • Gov. Roy Cooper rolled out his budget proposal on March 1. Among other stuff, his plan aims to raise public school teachers’ salaries by 10 percent over the next two years.


Someone punctured a car tire eight times with a knife on Kenan Street Wednesday. Another person reported a dog attack on a neighbor's pet on North Street.


YesterYears Brewery in Carrboro needs $28,000 to cover unpaid rent since November and loyal customers are fundraising to keep its doors open. A recent drop in sales followed owner David Larsen taking a leave of absence after the death of his son.


Thousands of women are participating in today's "A Day Without a Woman" strike to call attention to the economic importance of female-identified folks. Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools will be closed due to an expected staff shortage, which has gotten plenty of people talking in the area.

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