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Deuceletter: It's been a real two years, y'all

For one last time: Good morning!

It's been a wild 20 months since I sent out my very first DTH at a Glance — I just looked it up with an online calculator. And while this should be a very emotional scenario, I'm weirdly subdued because 1) Sagittarius, and 2) I pulled my last all-nighter of college on Thursday to finish my data journalism class.

So while I spent a night crunching in Excel, passing out on the opinion couch of The Daily Tar Heel for a couple hours and sleeping through my 8 a.m. one last time, a team of UNC Ph.D. candidates were crushing their competition at a datathon at Duke.

For their work, they won $20,000 and job interviews with the Citadel. If I do OK with my data assignments, I just get to actually graduate and not have to return for another semester… which, honestly, I'd absolutely take over $20,000 at this point.

— Danny


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  • Sophomore business major James Creissen put on a secret fashion show last night to showcase his second collection, which is just as cool (and extra) as it sounds.
  • Carrboro Southern cooking spot Mel's Commissary officially opened its doors in March (which is news to this newsletter writer, who's been waiting for it to open since January).
  • A UNC first-year has joined in on the fight to ban the Confederate flag in local schools, starting a petition to put pressure on the Orange County Schools Board of Education.
  • Take a (less cripplingly depressing) trip down memory lane with today's Kvetching Board — a compilation of all of your best submissions this semester. And for the record, yes: We've still forsaken bee activism.


Someone reported a fraudulent eBay transaction on N.C. 54 on Tuesday. Another person was reported for breaking and entering by climbing through their roommate's bedroom window.


Mitch Trubisky made history last night as the first UNC quarterback to ever be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. He's heading over to the Chicago Bears — but the real news is still that he's now trying to go by "Mitchell," tbh.


For people struggling with alcoholism and drug abuse, student life at UNC can pose a whole lot of challenges. By one person's estimates, Student Wellness is aware of 50 to 75 students currently recovering from substance use disorder.


Someone stole a chained-up toilet speaking out against House Bill 2 from the Campus Y courtyard. The art installation disappeared without a trace sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, despite being literally chained to a light pole.


On a personal note: If any of y'all wanna reach out now that my time with this odd little social experiment is over, feel free to lurk/keep in touch on TwitterInsta or email. This offer stands doubly so if you're one of the newsroom moms.

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