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DTH at a Glance: Fore! Loko

Good morning!

Because this is a family newsletter, I won't mention the national holiday that some celebrate on this date. Instead, I will direct your attention to tonight's wholesome, town-wide activity to round out Senior Week 2017: Senior Bar Golf.

For those who are unfamiliar, it's basically a bar crawl for seniors, except everyone dresses in visors, madras, argyle and cardigans. To prepare for tonight, we interviewed Ryan Schocket — former DTH assistant editor and someone whom I once saw cry on command to get free pizza from a drunk guy — to get some tips from a seasoned bar golfer.

See y'all Monday; I'm pawning newsletter off on Rachel tonight so I can hit the driving range.

— Danny


  • UNC softball slipped up in Wednesday's game, falling to Winthrop in a close 8-7 loss at Anderson Stadium.
  • North Carolina is now the only state that treats all 16- and 17-year-olds as adults in the criminal justice system, but a new bill the legislature could change that.
  • Important: Swerve is here to tell you what kind of stoner these famous UNC landmarks would be if they were people. Journalism really is public service.


Someone broke into a house on Saluda Court and stole an $800 television early Thursday. Another person reported a public protest on Franklin Street to police around noon on Saturday.


A bill that would limit the payoff of contamination lawsuits against hog farms just passed the N.C. House. In layman's terms, critics say it'd basically reduce the ability of people who live near hog farms to receive compensation when pig crap runs off into their water.


Public school parents and kids held a rally in Raleigh to support House Bill 13, which would allow greater flexibility in class sizes, so teaching positions for subjects like art and music could be maintained.


A bill in the General Assembly is taking aim at North Carolina's "stand your ground" laws, which allow for deadly force if you're presumed to be in danger when someone enters your property uninvited.

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