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DTH at a Glance: Leave RJ alone

Good morning!

Today marks about a year and a half since UNC introduced its second mascot, Rameses Jr., to the world. It also marks about a year and half since I subsequently sent my favorite tweet ever as The Daily Tar Heel: "UNC has a second mascot in the family. Meet RJ, a smaller Rameses with better eyebrows."

I've since used that post as a work sample for at least five different internship/scholarship applications, and at least one of them sort of worked!

Today, our editorial board faced off on exactly just how good RJ's eyebrows really are — and whether or not he deserves to exist, basically. I have strong feelings about the whole thing.

— Danny


  • An investigation released by the N.C. Board of Elections found 508 cases of voters casting ballots without the legal right to do so in November. None of the votes would have swayed any race either way.
  • The first century 100 days of President Trump's administration have officially passed. Here's a look at what policies he's signed into law and what analysts have to say about them.
  • UNC softball fell flat this weekend in its last two home games of the year, but don't take it too hard; I fell flat this entire semester.


Someone reported a suspicious person on the roof of a house on Fordham Boulevard Wednesday. An armed person apparently also stole $3,000 worth of stuff on Meadowmont Village Circle.


Because our sports desk received such overwhelming love from all of you for Jeremy's column about the natty, here's another fresh hot take to spice things up: We 100 percent would not draft Mitch Trubisky because we can't deal with him disappointing us again.


On Tuesday, a federal judge temporarily blocked Trump’s plan to strip funding from sanctuary cities. But don't worry: North Carolina's legislature made sure to fix that, passing a bill in the N.C. Senate that would limit funding to sanctuary cities in the state.


Kenan-Flagler's LGBTQ group is hosting its second annual drag ball at The Strowd tonight. Category is: executive realness, probably.

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