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DTH at a Glance: Putt-ing Danny in his place

Hey y'all, it's not Danny! Our esteemed online manager — along with the rest of our managing editors and 21-year-olds on staff, at varying levels of esteem — were too busy teeing off at bar golf last night to do their jobs (that's a lie, they stayed here until 10 p.m.). 

But while the staff of the DTH definitely finished under par, they've got nothing on men's golf team member junior Ben Griffin. He finished his first year at UNC with the best stroke average in recorded school history and after a break in his sophomore tournament season — his first in a decade — he came back to qualify for the U.S. Amateur Championship. He also beat his dad in a game of golf for the first time when he was 12. You know what I was beating my dad at when I was 12? Crying when I lost at Mario Kart. 

— Rachel


  • UNC has recorded a new high in international student applications in 2017, despite a perceived hostility toward foreigners in the Trump administration.
  • He is the one that Knox. Get the scoop on the five-star forward that UNC basketball (and everyone else) is fighting to sign. 
  • Two former UNC athletes lost a suit against the University regarding their limited prospects following the academic-athletic scandal. This is the second such case that former athletes have lost.
  • Arts Everywhere Day was actually two weeks ago, contrary to the pianos that are still strewn about campus. But the faculty behind the day are trying to translate their momentum into bigger arts events and initiatives.


The Sloane Art Library hosted an Edit-a-Thon last night that focused on updating and creating Wikipedia pages for women artists. The last time I updated a Wikipedia page was for an online edition of the board game Monopoly when I was about eight. As long as they didn't edit that I'm fine with this.


The Board of Aldermen has reinstated a 2009 ordinance that caps individual campaign donations to $250 for the Board of Aldermen candidates. I like to think I don't understand the concept of making yourself poor, but I spend too much money at Linda's for that to be true. 


April 10 marked North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper's 100th day in office. We're taking a look at how his record on House Bill 2, budgeting and education measures up to his campaign promises, along with the unique challenges he faces as he works alongside a supermajority Republican legislature. 

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