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DTH at a Glance: Money money money

Dear DTH faithful,

Before I swore my life to the DTH, I worked part-time at a certain organic and "healthy" grocery store. My shift was 7 hours long, and I spent all of it talking to my friends/coworkers, sneaking texts and Snapchats behind displays, riding around on carts, and generally just goofing off.

Sometimes, I actually did my job. But that was rare.

A part-time job isn't all fun and games though, and some students take on two to pay for college. Can you imagine — two jobs? 

Honestly, can we just have free college now?

— Leah



  • Gardening and Edible Evenings with Edible Campus UNC // Every Thursday between Davis Library and the ATMs from 3-5 p.m. (gardening) and 5-7 p.m. (edible evenings) — Gardening, and then live music and food. Good ol' wholesome fun.
  • Downtown Durham Food Tour With Bites of Bull City // Saturday, June 17 at Counting House — Join the Triangle's most popular food blog as they guide you around the best foodie spots in downtown Durham. Buy those tickets before they're gone and hang with your best friend, me!
  • Star Party // Friday, June 16 at Eno River State Park — You could go to a house party, or you could go to this star party at Few's Ford to stargaze and watch satellites. Honestly, go to both. 

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