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Happy July, everyone!

The heat is oppressive, the fireworks have gone up in smoke and #athletics are so dormant that on Monday I watched a 30 for 30 on women's golf at a sports bar. 

But my favorite part of the season is still in full swing: local library summer reading programs. Due to the winning one-two punch of having a librarian for an aunt and living far away from most of my friends, I killed summer reading programs as a youngster. Like, finished the entire Series of Unfortunate Events in a month killed it. 

Hopefully the socially awkward and bookish children of Chapel Hill will follow in my footsteps with the Circulator, a new project unveiled by the Chapel Hill Public Library on Saturday. The Circulator is a pop-up library that will take books and other learning materials to every corner of town. Here's a hot tip for its future patrons: Lemony Snicket rules and the Inheritance Cycle drools.

- Rachel


  • Allen Artis' court case, in which he was accused of misdemeanor assault on a female and sexual battery, has been dismissed. He is eligible to rejoin the football team after the dismissal, which was agreed upon by his and Delaney Robinson's legal teams. 
  • The Board of Governors is rethinking the structure of UNC's funding model, which has remained the same for over 20 years. 
  • Paul Hardin III, who served as UNC's seventh chancellor, passed away in his home on Saturday. His legacy, which spanned from an undergraduate career at Duke and the conferral of an honorary degree to then-President Bill Clinton, will be remembered.
  • Where's the beef? It's between the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and Wendy's, as this protest proved.


  • J Rowdy's House Party with The NightShift // July 6 at Linda's Bar and Grill - Good food, freestyle raps and no cover — what more could you ask for? 
  • Movies by Moonlight presents "The Sound of Music" // July 8 at The Lumina Theatre - This was my favorite movie growing up. Go for $5 and you might see me there singing along to "The Lonely Goatherd."
  • 2017 Tomato Day // July 8 at the Carrboro Farmers' Market - A whole day dedicated to tomatoes? Iconic. Other farmers markets need to ketchup, or else they'll get lost in the sauce. 

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