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DTH Sports at a Glance: Throw your hands in the air

I've never been able to keep a secret.

Surprise parties, middle-school crushes, Facebook passwords — it didn't matter. As a child, I traversed the ends of the earth discovering and then disseminating classified information. Even now, I spread gossip worse than TMZ's Twitter feed.

So I can empathize with UNC receiver Mack Hollins, who spoiled the Tar Heels' trick play before they could even call it on Saturday. And when he could finally keep North Carolina's secret safe prior to the snap, he threw up his arms in a telling touchdown sign before Trubisky could even throw the ball.

It's okay, Mack. Confidentiality is overrated.

UNC football wins home opener

Stories from the weekend

  • This past week has been one of the worst in UNC women's soccer history.
  • Kristy Bernatchez was welcomed home in the field hockey team's trip to Maine.
  • The volleyball team faced TCU's best shot in the final match of the Horned Frog Challenge.
  • After a slow start, the men's golf team rallied to finish fourth at Olympia Fields.
  • It's been years in the making, but the Tar Heels' fearsome foursome is holding its own defensively for the men's soccer team.
  • First-years showed out for the women's tennis team in the Bonk Invitational.

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