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DTH Sports at a Glance: 'One hell of a catch'

Where were you when Bug Howard made the catch?

I was a mere 10-minute walk away from Kenan Stadium, transfixed by the miniature television screen in my hollow living room. Yes, I could have endured four hours of heat to watch one of the greatest finish in UNC football history, but hindsight is always 20-20.

Instead, I nervously shoveled microwave rice into my face as North Carolina marched down the field for its final drive. I admittedly squealed like a pig on every fourth-down attempt (hey, I'm allowed to be a fan every once in a while), and I thought all was lost when Elijah Hood stumbled to the ground with the clock approaching zero.

But Howard had other plans. With a Pittsburgh defender draped all over him, he stuck his paw into the air and came down with one of the most incredible catches in recent memory. After the game, he said it's a play he will never forget.

Will you?

UNC football catches game-winning touchdown vs. Pittsburgh

Stories from the weekend

  • In a season-defining weekend for field hockey, No. 5 UNC took down No. 1 Syracuse and No. 2 Duke in back-to-back contests.
  • After sitting on the bench for the first time all year, Nils Bruening exploded for four goals in men's soccer's 5-0 win over Boston College on Friday.
  • Everything is a competition for the swimming and diving team, which held its Blue vs. White meet on Saturday.
  • In that meet, the younger Tar Heels showcased their talents as the team replaces key veterans.

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