Self-care tips from Park Cannon, UNC graduate and candidate for Georgia's House of Representatives

UNC graduate Park Cannon has a lot going on.

She just finished her undergraduate degree at UNC where she was a student, dancer and activist, and now she's running for Georgia's House of Representatives. If elected, she'll be the youngest queer woman of color elected to Georgia's State House. 

Cannon is the guest on the next episode of Having it All, but we're spilling her secrets to self-care early, because they're just that good. 

1. Use positive affirmations

Park keeps some affirmations in the "notes" section of her phone. She turns to phrases like "I am putting my all into this" and "I really want it" when she's feeling stressed and needs extra encouragement. 

2. Stay creative (even if it's for five minutes!)

Park has been dancing for years, but there isn't much time for choreography while running a grassroots campaign. So she finds little ways to release stress and move her body. Every morning she does five minutes of yoga in order to relive tension and prepare for another busy day. 

3. Ask for help

Park says she's focused on remaining "humble and earnest" as a candidate and part of that humility means knowing that nobody can do it all without help. 

Plus, Park keeps thing in perspective by remembering that her goal is not just to win the election, but also to learn more about herself and the people in her community. 

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