What's our SBP's biggest fear? And other questions Bradley Opere answered for us

In this week's episode of Having it All  UNC's Student Body President-Elect Bradley Opere answered our burning questions. 

Here are five things we learned about Bradley during the episode:

1. After finding out that he won the election without a runoff Bradley turned off all his social media and didn't check any of it for several days. 

2. Though he's been making headlines for his historic election, Bradley still thinks of himself as a normal person, like any other person who sits in the back of class and quietly takes notes.

3. On our SBP survey he picked Adnan not because he thinks he's innocent, but because he looked up Serial and just liked his name better than Jay's. 

4. Looking toward the next year, Bradley is wary of the way that hope can turn into anger, and he knows that eventually his administration will make decisions that the student body doesn't like. 

5. He's not a big crier — he cried during the campaign but it was the first time he'd cried in three years. 

Listen to the full episode to hear if he's looking for a first lady, what it was like to sit out the first debate, and what the best perks of being Student Body President are. 

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