Bark'N'Borrow: A Tinder for dogs

Bad news: The stress of finals, unfinished summer plans and MIA group project members is slowly destroying your sanity.

Good news: The gods have smiled upon your sad, lonely, dog-less life and created a Tinder for dog borrowing.

Bark’N’Borrow has arrived.

(Cutness trigger warning: their website shows pups playing in slow motion and I was NOT prepared.)

This new app allows you to meet up with dog owners — and their dogs, of course — to essentially just hang out.

Dog owners are connected to reputable sitters, owners and fellow dog lovers for help with afternoon walks, playdates, weekends or vacations — allowing you to fill that void in your heart, if only for a short while.

After signing up for free, you can begin your search as a dog “borrower” — a term the company uses to describe dog-lovers who “aren’t as fortunate” as those who are able to have their own dog, but would love to spend time with one "whenever they get the chance" (re: every college student ever).

You can even filter your dog preferences by gender, age, breed and location. But honestly, any dog is a good excuse for a study break.

And if you’re thinking about taking the plunge and getting a dog of your own, Bark’N’Borrow could be helpful in deciding what you want in a dog and how comparable the two of you will be long term.

Okay, so it’s also a matchmaking site.

But if there’s one thing to rejoice in these final weeks of the semester, it’s that technology has finally created an alternative to stalking every dog you see on the quad. And that’s quite pawsibly that best thing I’ve learned all week.    

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