10 reasons to join the DTH

So you want to join The Daily Tar Heel. Or maybe you aren’t sure. Or maybe you haven’t even thought about it.

The application closes at 5 p.m. on Aug. 31. If you’re thinking about joining, you’ve got plenty of time. If you’re hesitant, I’ve got 10 reasons why you shouldn’t be.

1. The DTH is a great source of real journalism experience.

We give you real-world experience, surrounded by students with similar aspirations. You aren’t turning something in for a grade. Every time you submit an assignment, you’ll see it in print or online the next day.

2. But if you aren’t a journalism major, you aren’t alone.

A lot of people join the DTH to make friends, try something new or hone a skill — not because journalism is what they’re studying or what they want to do when they graduate.

3. We’re all friends here.

Seriously, if you attend my future wedding, you probably worked at the DTH with me. I watch so many people find a family here every day.

4. We want to be more representative of our student body.

If you think you can bring a different idea or viewpoint to the table, we’re all ears. We understand that the only way we can really serve our community is if we represent our community.

5. Curiosity is our only job requirement.

Do you love asking questions and wondering about the world around you? 

Of course you do. So do we. 

Every day, we make a paper where we strive to answer the questions we and our fellow students and community members are asking.

6. We’re making serious digital strides, but we still respect the print product.

People our age get their news on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit — all of that crazy stuff. And the DTH strives to be there because our readers are there. But we’ve also been in print for almost 123 years, and we’re not stopping any time soon.

7. Speaking of 123 years ... We celebrate our birthday, Feb. 23, with cake every year.

It’s a really big cake.

8. You always have someone to get cheese fries at Linda’s with you.

Our weekly tradition is to get cheese fries and grown-up drinks at Linda’s Bar and Grill on Franklin Street every Thursday. But we’ll go any day of the week. Or multiple times in one day. If you haven’t been to Linda’s yet, someone at the DTH will be happy to introduce you.

9. You’ll see us everywhere

Have you met Kelsey Weekman, UNC’s Twitter personality and our online managing editor? How about Drew Goins and Alison Krug, our theater geniuses and copy chiefs? We’ve got some pretty cool staff for you to meet.

10. And most importantly, we have free M&M’s at the front desk every day.

To be fair, we’ll fight over these. You have to get here early. But as small as it seems, there’s nothing more comforting than a handful of M&M’s when you’re probably going to miss your deadline.

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