The Editor's Roundup: August 17 through 21

Every week, anywhere between 50 and 200 staff writers, photographers, graphic designers and copy editors flow into The Daily Tar Heel offices at 151 E. Rosemary St. And every week, we print 14,000 copies of the paper every day, fill with at least 75 stories, blogs, photos and videos, send out DTH At A Glance to 3,000 subscribers and tweet and post on Facebook for 30,000 and 25,000 followers, respectively. 

But at the end of the week, there are always stories that are left untold, stories that deserve more attention than they got or stories that just deserve to be praised. So, every week, I'm going to try to do that.

One of my favorite stories of the week: Assistant Sports Editor Logan Ulrich tells the story of a UNC punter who suffered a brain injury in seventh grade and learned he couldn't play contact sports anymore. But he loved football, and he was devastated — so, his mom, his best friend, encouraged him to try out to be either a kicker or a punter. And he found something he really loved.

There's nothing better than reading with a writer who has loved every single minute of working on a story, and that was what I got from Logan. And when a writer puts all of their heart into writing a piece, I hope our readers can appreciate that too.

Native American students make up only 0.5 percent of UNC's population, and that makes it hard for some students to adjust to the University. So, recognizing that this might be a problem, Director of Investigations Sam Sabin started talking with Shannon Ross, a member of the Lumbee Tribe in North Carolina. What you don't know: Sam has been working with Shannon, spending time with her and interviewing her, since the start of last spring semester.

Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor Ryan Schocket has a list of the five best (and five worst) movies that came out this summer. If you didn't spend every single Sunday night at the movie theater like I did, (Missing the luxury recliners from my movie theater in Charlotte so much) then you probably have no idea that "Hot Pursuit" was actually terrible. But Ryan wants to help you.

Some UNC faculty have created a RPG board game that puts you in the shoes (or paws?) of rabbits surviving at the bottom of the food chain. These things are real, and these things do happen. Senior Writer Elizabeth Baker got amazing quotes from the faculty on the board game. And for a little bonus, please watch the trailer.

Ryan is back at it again — this time, he asked UNC students what they think about graffiti. Is it art, or not? We love interacting with students on campus and asking what you think about important issues. Ryan came up with this one, and I love the result.

Here's to another great week from the staff writers and editors that make The Daily Tar Heel what it is.

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