"Pass the Butter" shirts to debut in the Pit

Starting Wednesday, fans can take their love of KButter5 to a new level. Students will be selling T-shirts in the Pit Wednesday celebrating UNC men’s basketball freshman Kendall Marshall.

For $15, students can purchase shirts that display the phrase “Pass the Butter.” Marshall’s nickname — and Twitter handlereference his ability to smoothly pass the ball. Proceeds will benefit Global Hands.

The students described the shirts on the Facebook event page:

“He led us to victory against the Dookies, he engineered the comeback of comebacks in G-boro, he is Kendall Marshall. To honor our buttery smooth court general, Thrill City’s first release is the colorful, full-front graphic “Pass the Butter” shirts.”

(The group has hinted that Black Falcon T-shirts may be on the way as well…)

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