Drop/add period, as told by Andy Dwyer

Everyone’s favorite goodhearted man-child may not have graduated from college, but he sure does understand the ups and downs that occur at the beginning of each semester.

FDOC came around quickly, but you start off well-rested, confident and eager to dive into new classes.  

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Eager to start off on the right foot, you show up to class, take notes and introduce yourself to new professors.


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You might even raise your hand during the first discussion. Sure, you’re a little rusty, but at least you’re trying.


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By day three, reality sets in. Let’s be honest…getting back into the whole real clothes, getting out of bed before 11 a.m. thing is hard.


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Come Friday, you’re exhausted, and you head into the weekend/TOPO like this.


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Monday already? By the grace of God, a spot in the class you’ve been stalking on ConnectCarolina opens up, so you show up during week two. Five minutes into the lecture, you’re feeling a little bit like this…


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But, everything else is full, so you suck it up and get in the zone.


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It’s a rough transition, but we made it through the first two weeks, fam. Only 14 more to go.


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