N.C. State student body president seeks love over school-wide listserv

When Tinder fails time and time again, what is a poor student body president to do? 

Ask the entire student body out on a date over email, of course.

In an incident more embarrassing than replying all to a listserv, N.C. State students received an email from Student Body President Paul Nolan on Tuesday night that brought him to their inbox on “unofficial business”. 

With the 2016 Commencement Dinner coming up and the Chancellor’s Secretary’s judgmental eyes watching, Nolan went out in search of one thing and one thing only: love.

According to Nolan, it’s lonely at the top. The duties of being a school leader haven’t left him with much time for a love life, but every president needs a first lady. And since with great power comes great flirtation skills, what better way to charm the ladies than with a sweet, well-thought-out listserv message.

Really, though, Nolan doesn’t sound too bad in his dating profile. 6’2, sense of humor, successful—doesn’t sound like a bad package, even though he goes to State. He’s even gotten some pretty enthusiastic responses since the email was sent, including from students like Jessica Nolting, who replied within the hour:

Honestly, I can’t blame her. If I knew I could get the chance to go out and make small talk with NC State’s officials while stuffing myself with half-assed h'orderves for a night, I might go ahead and give it a go, too.

That being said: if you’re looking for an end-of-the-year fling and you’re desperate enough to ask out someone from State, hit him up. The leader of the N.C. State Wolfpack is apparently on the prowl.

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