Q&A with UNC baseball's #BenchMob

Staff writer Kameron Southerland sat down with Taylor Sugg and Logan Welch, UNC first-year baseball players, to get to know them beyond their sudden Internet fame. Utah Jones was not available for comment.

They've been Vine'd, GIF'd and retweeted. Now the baseball players behind the viral videobomb are being interviewed.

UNC first-year baseball players, Taylor SuggLogan Welch and Utah Jones, are members of UNC baseball's #BenchMob, a less '90s way of saying benchwarmers. 

However, these players don't spend all their time sitting on the bench. On Monday's game against Notre Dame during their teammate Zac Gallen's radio interview, all three baseball players were standing in full view of the ESPN cameras.

DTH: Let's start with the basics: What's your major, position on the team and role in the videobomb?

Taylor Sugg: Communications, right handed pitcher and video bomb role – dancer

Logan Welch: Communications major, pitcher and Gatorade cup guy

DTH: What's your favorite cereal?

TS: My favorite cereal has to be Frosted Flakes.

LW: Cap'n Crunch

DTH: If you could be a Disney princess for a day, which one would you be and why?

TS: I'd have to say Sleeping Beauty. I'm not okay with being cursed or anything but sometimes a long nap sounds good!

LW: I'm not sure if she's a princess or not, but I would be Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" just because I love the ocean.

DTH: Favorite Will Ferrell movie?

TS: This one's tough, but I would have to say "Night at the Roxbury." Although "Kicking and Screaming" is also great!

LW: Step Brothers

DTH: "Views" by Drake or "Coloring Book" by Chance the Rapper?

TS: "Views" for sure, but I have quite a bit of Chance the Rapper in my phone as well!

LW: "Coloring Book"

DTH: Favorite song to sing in the shower?

TS: Wow, I guess "Child's Play" or "One Dance" by Drake would have to be it right now. But I also get down to some Trey Songz.

LW: "SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake

DTH: If you were tapped by an evil villain and they agreed to let you go if you danced for them, what dance would you perform? The more detailed, the better.

TS: I would have to stick with my go to dance moves. Nae Nae a little before hitting a couple folks, then possibly following that with a hard whip, maybe even throw in a Quan here or there. Might do the Running Man a little. I'm sure that combo would set me free!

LW: I would do the Jerk because of the fact that he has captured me and was holding me, to me he would be a jerk.

DTH: Preferred Gatorade flavor?

TS: Glacier Freeze for sure!

LW: Red

DTH: If you could be any condiment, which would you be and why?

TS: Hot sauce, I like to spice things up!

LW: Ketchup because most people I meet like it.

DTH: Favorite social media platform?

TS: It used to be Instagram, but my Twitter has been blowing up recently!

LW: Instagram, follow me @logan_welch7


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